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Professor Peter Main's letter to Advancing Physics users

Dear Advancing Physics teacher,

As you will be aware, more than ten years ago, in collaboration with OCR, the Institute of Physics sponsored the introduction of a new, innovative physics A-level specification, which became known as Advancing Physics. The specification has been very popular and currently attracts around 20% of the total A-level physics cohort. Although the specification is necessarily owned by OCR, the Institute developed and published all the course materials.

After careful thought and discussion, the Institute decided that it was time to pass the mantle of Advancing Physics, both in terms of future course development and publishing, to another publisher. The principal reason for the decision was the change in the political landscape, including the recent White Paper on education, in which professional bodies were explicitly cited as important in the future development of A-level and other qualifications. The Institute, therefore, thought it inappropriate to have a financial interest in a specific qualification, which would have prevented a more general role in determining the future of A-level physics.

The new owner is Oxford University Press (OUP), which has an excellent record in educational publishing and which is committed to maintain the spirit of Advancing Physics going forward. We both hope and expect that the transition will be as smooth as possible and that Advancing Physics will remain as popular and as well supported as ever. Further details of the new arrangements, including details on orders etc, may be obtained from Oxford University Press

Tel: 01536 452620
Fax: 01865 313472
Email: schools.enquiries.uk@oup.com
Web: www.oxfordsecondary.co.uk/science

Following the transfer, the Institute intends to expand our support across all A -level specifications, working with all awarding organisations, something that our previous status did not allow. Further details will be provided on www.talkphysics.org in due course.

The Institute now has no financial interest in Advancing Physics. However, as we did develop the material originally, the Institute's name and logo will continue to be associated with the books and CDs, certainly in their current incarnations and, we hope, in future, for so long as the quality and the spirit are maintained. In parallel, we hope that the Institute shall be able to contribute to the development and support of all physics A-levels, to the lasting benefit of the subject and science as a whole.

Please contact me if you have any questions about the content of this letter.

Yours sincerely

Professor Peter Main
Director, Education and Science