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What Teachers say

About the course

“Good balance between the "practical" - imaging, signalling, sensing - and "theoretical" sides of physics.”

“The course presents physics as a living subject that does not know all the answers, but asks all the important questions. Although this course is excellent in providing the necessary skills and knowledge for pupils who intend to study physics at a higher level, it also provides pupils whose main interests are in other areas, e.g. engineering, medicine , with stimulating material, which shows the relevance of physics to their study area.” 

“There is no doubt that what sets AP apart from other courses is the up-to-date nature of both the material and the approach. Both the topics and the resources have been developed for the modern student whilst acknowledging the role and needs of the teachers and technicians too.”

“The Advancing Physics CD is a glorious treasure trove of support material. As well as providing all the materials for delivery of the course, it offers an almost endless supply of different pathways and alternative approaches - its major fault is that there is so much of it! Experiments, question sheets, computer simulations and diagrams, which students have studied in class or at home, can all be displayed on a data projector, and with the use of an interactive whiteboard, their participation can be maximized.”

“Our numbers have been bucking the national trend for several years and we've recently had to have an extra lab kitted out and introduced an extra block in the timetable to cater for the numbers.”

About Revision Roadshows

“The Revision Roadshows, organised by the IoP, are a series of interactive and highly visual presentations that direct students' attention to the main ideas in each chapter of the Advancing Physics course. This helps them to stay focused on the key concepts during their own revision, so  improves the chances of students maximising their potential in the exams.”


“The course covered all I needed to know for teaching the course for the first time.”
“Very helpful - will recommend the fellow teachers to attend the next year's event.”
“All good fun and encouraging to go on.”
“The practical electronics session was excellent as always.”
“Brilliant day, learnt a lot, thanks!”